2016 Best Pick Guarantee

The Best Research. The Best Company Recommendations.
And Now—The Best Pick Guarantee.

We stand behind all Best Pick companies with the Best Pick Guarantee. We've done your homework for you and picked the best companies out there, but just in case your experience isn't perfect, we're here to help.

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"Since I don't know much about repairs and homeownership, it's hard to know who to use and who to trust, so I appreciate having recommendations as well as the guarantee, it gives me additional piece of mind."

Melody P. | Plano, Texas

"I like the idea that no one can buy their way into being presented to the consumer market. I like the comfort the guarantee provides knowing that making a decision based on the Best Pick Report doesn't leave the homeowner high and dry if something goes terribly wrong."

Nathan R. | Bristow, Virginia

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Summary of Terms and Conditions

The Best Pick Guarantee covers the cost of labor on work performed by a Best Pick company—up to $1,000.

To be fully eligible for the Best Pick Guarantee, you must:

  1. Register for the Best Pick Guarantee prior to starting a project with a Best Pick company.
  2. Initially contact the company through Best Pick Reports, BestPickReports.com, or the Best Pick Mobile App.
  3. Submit a guarantee claim within 45 days of the final date of service.
  4. Pay the agreed-upon amount for the project in full.
  5. Be willing to allow the company that originally performed the work to resolve the issue.
  6. Seek no other third-party method of restitution or mediation with the company.